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Malaysia King’s New Palace

With the current economic crisis, big giant projects that were seen running have since stopped. Unnecessary spending has been slashed to dust, but one man seems to be standing tall and wants his to go on, and perhaps not taking into account on what’s happening to the country, I present to you, the current construction of the Malaysia King’s Palace.

Yes yes, Malaysia is doing pretty darn well!

(State of denial perhaps?)


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Ice Tea Without Ice Please


Was with Nicole over at Esquire Kitchen for dinner yesterday, and I overheard the conversation going on next door (table). 4 Japanese men trying to speak Cantonese to impress the lady waiter that’s taking their order, it was pretty darn funny and this was how it went:

JapMan1: Elo, Sheet Char NOH ice.

Waiter: No plobem.

JapMan2: Sheet Char NOH ice also.

Waiter: Ok Ok.

JapMan2: Sheet Char WITH ice.

Waiter: Orh.

JapMan3: Chow Fan with chicken noodle soup

Waiter: Meh Si?

The conversation actually went on with the use of Cantonese, and it didn’t go down well.

In the old days when kings and queens have their jesters entertaining them, well, this was our all night entertainment, but please oh please, no jester hats on Japanese please.

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New @ GizLounge

We’ve got some nice HP Mini Vivienne Tam Love in GizLounge, do check it out! Basically the Vivienne Tam is a mini laptop from HP, with some awesome touch of design.Visit


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Yes yes, it might be a little pushy, but hey guys, this is my Tech Blog, do check it out for the latest gadget reviews and all your technology information.


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Guinness, young chaps here says that Guinness is for old peeps. Old heck no, Guinness is the real man’s drink! A quote from Mike (Canadian), says that Guinness is a meal in a can. I do agree with that. Gulping down a whole pint is heavier than munching down 10 big mac’s combined! Woot Woot!

The last time I had a proper pint of Guinness was on St. Patricks day 2008, Adelaide. Friggin awesome I would say. Gulping in an Irish bar with a funky hat and a near drunk Canadian, can’t ask for more eh?

Clover on top of the Froth. Beauty!

Nice chilled pint.

They say that the further away the country is from the source of this magnificient stout, the shitty the taste will be. But heck no, I take this one over any Guinness in Malaysia. Sadly, the Guinness made in Malaysia suck, big big time! Just look at the glass.

Sad eh?

That said, coffee shops love carrying Guinness glasses, which makes the brand go cheap cheap. Sigh.

There, Guinness Stout is Good For You!

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Home Needs

Not sure if this is what you’ll need at home, but hey, we are all weird right?

Spotted this in a Petronas Station, a couple clicks off KLIA.

Couple of Chipster to bring the lovely husband home huh?

And next,

Yes, Self-Grooming with Twisties! Coolious huh?

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Sad News About Malaysia

Malaysia now a global hub … for wildlife smuggling!

Malaysia is ranked among the top 10 illegal wildlife smuggling hubs in the world, specialising in transporting pangolins, birds and clouded monitor lizards. The wildlife is smuggled out of the country via air through the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Penang International Airport, and via sea through Johor, said South-East Asia regional director of wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic, Azrina Abdullah.

She said Malaysia is a transit and harvest hub for the illegal wildlife trade. “We are among the top 10 smuggling hubs together with Manila (the Philippines), Medan (Indonesia), Singapore and the United States. “Hanoi (Vietnam) is also catching up,” she said after attending a lecture by Bryan Christy, the author of The Lizard King: The True Crimes and Passion of the World’s Greatest Reptile Smugglers at the Academy of Sciences Malaysia on Tuesday. During the talk, Christy touched on a chapter in his book which chronicles the dealings of a Penangite who was regarded as the “top reptile smuggler in the world.” Azrina said smuggled wildlife would end up in cooking pots in China, and pet shops in Europe and the United States. “It is especially easy to smuggle reptiles because they are small and cold-blooded,” she said.

She explained that one could smuggle a snake by “balling it up” and tying it for long flights as it can withstand cold temperatures and survive on minimal food.

“Smugglers are also known to export dangerous wildlife species with valid papers as a front. The illegal wildlife would be placed below the legal wildlife.

“Few Customs officers would make the effort to unload the dangerous species to check what is at the bottom,” she said.

She added that some smugglers even dispensed tips to buyers on how to smuggle their new “pets” home on a long haul flight. Azrina said Malaysia is the preferred hub because of its strategic location and low risk. “We are right in South-East Asia and in the centre of things. The risk is also very low. If you get caught smuggling drugs, you would be hanged. But if you are caught smuggling a tiger, you are fined,” she said.

She said non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are lobbying for stricter laws under the Protection of Wildlife Act 1972 (PWA). “The Act is outdated and there is a need for heavier penalties. We are trying to push for a minimum penalty instead of the original maximum penalty. We are also trying to increase the penalty to include a jail term as well,” she said.

Sources: thestar Malaysia

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