What’s My Dream Home Gonna Look Like

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It has to be cozy, jazzy, private and oh, exclusive. I’ve been walking through the property market and have been searching for some good substantial properties just so that i can lay my hard earned dollars on them. There are places like KLCC and Bangsar, one word ouch for this place, prices are just too high, that said, the properties there are just too old.

Now now, what about Hartamas + Mont Kiara?  Well, by giving some thought and working on with some research, it clearly shows that quality vs price is fair in this area. I’ve been moving about looking for something cheaper, but the “something cheaper” also means something disgusting. I’ve been into some pretty nasty looking units recently and urgh, simply throws me off!

After months of analyzing, I’ve come down to 2 places, Kiara 1 I-Zen and Verve Suites. These 2 places are new and yes, they are pricey. Urgh, that just means that I’ve got to stretch my bank loan a tad bit harder. I love I-Zen, the fact that it’s surrounded with everything I need, great location, perfect facilities and a Starbucks in it. It’s only 6 months old.

Right after all the hype on I-Zen, came another prospect, something that actually beats all the good points of I-Zen, and it’s called the Verve Suites. What’s Verve Suites?

Verve Suites is where pure energy lives in. You can almost feel it in every bolt, beam and brick. And while it does not ask of anyone to be of a certain age, color or creed, it does encourage one to be of a certain state of mind. Being open to fresh ideas, getting excited by new challenges, finding serenity boring, these are the virtues of those who will find living here not just inspiring but invigorating. For it is more than just a residence, it is the Verve Suites.

I love the concept of bringing in your baggage and unpack right off. Verve Suites is fully furnished, every single unit. I also love the thoughtful mind, the mind that removed the whole entire penthouse and smacked in a sky lounge. Oooh, about the sky lounge, it’s sensationally amazing! A private bar, pool table, lounge chairs gym and of course, the open air lounge on the 2nd floor of the sky lounge.

Now, feast your eyes on these pictures:

Verve Suites

Centro Jazz Living

Centro Jazz Theme

Cosmo Groove Living

Cosmo Groove Theme

Metro Bliss Living

Metro Bliss Theme

Verdant Luxe Living

Verdant Luxe Theme

And now, the Sky Lounge!

Lounge Chair







Sky Lounge Seats

Bean Bag

Sky View

Pretty yes? Now, when can I get hold of one of these, it’s just too pretty for me to rent, I want ONE!

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