3rd month

February 24, 2009 at 9:30 pm


3 months, 3 months with you, the time spent with you have been simply amazing! Darling, first of all, I wanna say, Happy 3rd Monthversary! Lovely. The first time we met, white hot chocolate and a white chocolate orange cake, and I can still taste the sweetness of it, and oh, thats the first dish we ever had together. As nervous as I was, I did send you the e-mail, and hey, I did the right decision!




1st day out with you was pretty darn sensational, getting you drunk, wow, sweet eh? But I have to say, it’s really hard finding someone that you love who shares the same interests (wine wine wine and more wine, perhaps a lil tad bit on career). But my oh my, you drink! And you know your stuff, still, Australian wine sucks huh? I actually have to agree on that.



So, the moment you left Adelaide, I thought that was actually the last time we would be together. But no, technology was on our side, our webcams function pretty darn well yes? Hah, I captured your sweet sweet smile. Baby, your smile brightens up my day, all the time! And oh, you in your kitty suit, just adorable!


I can never forget about the phone call just before my bday ended, highlight of the day! Thank you!

Well, 3 months.

I still remember when we took a stroll by the lake, you were telling me how hurt you were. Baby, I took it that the scar made you love even more. And wow, i continued falling in love with you.



Baby, remember the first party we went to? You were insanely beautiful, you made my heart skipped a million beats! Phew, am glad that I’m alive! You were so nervous, but hey, the person by yourside was just way way more intense. And hehehe, the best couple award, that was just really cheesy.

You are my silly baby.



Singapore was beautiful, we celebrated our 1st month together there (+ christmas), by the river side, sipping wine. The look in your eyes opened up my world, changed my perception! Somehow, the Christmas lighting and mood made it way way amazing! But nothing else was more amazing with you in my life

The whole week when you were out in Hong Kong, my heart felt empty, but you filled it up, you filled it up with your beautiful messages. You really did make me whole again.

“hey baby.
here’s something for u to remember me by while i’m away. love u so much k. thank you for all ur lovely sms-es.
had this today at the cultural village.
wish i can have this with you one day :D”

Honestly, all I wanted to do was to hold you and kiss you.

And when you travelled down to Singapore (for work), the 2 days was kinda hard for me take in, I was so tempted to drive down just to see you, but shucks to the stupid papers!

“I am in the same tony Roma again having lunch alone.
Le sigh I miss u so much.
Wish u were here.
If not for ur exam, I really would have wanted u to come”

Baby, every single day I fall for you deeper and deeper, 3 months might be nothing, but I can say that 3 months is everything to me! Baby, I’m yours and I want you to know that I’ve got your back. The next few months will be really really interesting, and hey, I can’t wait for our 4th monthversary. I am really sorry for how I’ve been treating you, I am sorry for the pathetic Valentines.

3 months, let’s make this love work, and i Promise you that I will make things work. And wow, I love you.


Nicole, Happy 3rd Monthversary!

25th February 2009

Ps: I Love You

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