Valentines Gift

February 5, 2009 at 7:59 pm Leave a comment

How sweet it is to be love by you!

Yes, my first ever Valentines gift, and oh, I Love It! Received a Camera, Watch, Shaver (not that i need it), Cologne, a box of Body Goodies and 2 gift from heaven. My lovely girlfriend, I can tell you how much I love you, why? Because words can’t describe how much I love you!

Well, you pretty much Tobleroned me! Oohhh… diet huh? Give me a break, the chocos were pretty darn tasty! The last time I had Toblerone was in Ha Noi Airport, and that was like a year ago? At least I think.

Well, I received these gifts in an unorthodox way, they were delivered through my mail, not the nasty old dusty mail box outside my house, but the electronic one! Cool huh?

Got this Surprise, and…

Awww….. am I really that special? That said, I am not on a wheel chair. 🙂

Hah yes, I Love You, and no, you are not cheap… hehehehe, you are just the cutest!

What’s in the box? Poof…

See what i meant earlier? Shes lovely ain’t she?

Well, she did give me the real ones, by real i mean the edible ones!

Toblerone Rock my Socks!

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