Miss You

January 23, 2009 at 2:32 pm Leave a comment

I am already missing you girl. Had you by my side through thick and thin, going through all sorts of obstacle with you, coming down the hill with a destroyed butt, getting frisky with the people out there. Waking up with shock last night made me realize one thing, you were just right beside me when I needed you most.

You asked me once if I needed you or I just plain wanted you, baby, it’s both. Never for once i took my eyes off you, never for once i took my mind of you, it’s you, it’s always been you.

I miss you.

Every morning I love seeing you waking up to a new day, you have that luvley puppy eyes that makes my heart melt, your smooth and tender voice that gives me new hope day by day, and your gentle touch that makes me want you more. Holding your hands for a glass of water, watching you drink it, wow, cute 🙂

Baby, I know people change, and yes, I know that you are affraid of that. I will change, but hey, for the better, for you.

I miss you.

Suppose i said that I care and don’t want to hurt you in anyways, but there are times, I do loose my mind, my worried mind. Would you still wait it out for me? Wait till I get back to myself?

I miss you.

Baby, I promise to wait for you, and to Love you for Life. I am here for you, and I am waiting for you.

Yes, I am still missing you, and I am missing you dearly. Baby, I’m yours.

PS: I Love You

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