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Miss You

I am already missing you girl. Had you by my side through thick and thin, going through all sorts of obstacle with you, coming down the hill with a destroyed butt, getting frisky with the people out there. Waking up with shock last night made me realize one thing, you were just right beside me when I needed you most.

You asked me once if I needed you or I just plain wanted you, baby, it’s both. Never for once i took my eyes off you, never for once i took my mind of you, it’s you, it’s always been you.

I miss you.

Every morning I love seeing you waking up to a new day, you have that luvley puppy eyes that makes my heart melt, your smooth and tender voice that gives me new hope day by day, and your gentle touch that makes me want you more. Holding your hands for a glass of water, watching you drink it, wow, cute 🙂

Baby, I know people change, and yes, I know that you are affraid of that. I will change, but hey, for the better, for you.

I miss you.

Suppose i said that I care and don’t want to hurt you in anyways, but there are times, I do loose my mind, my worried mind. Would you still wait it out for me? Wait till I get back to myself?

I miss you.

Baby, I promise to wait for you, and to Love you for Life. I am here for you, and I am waiting for you.

Yes, I am still missing you, and I am missing you dearly. Baby, I’m yours.

PS: I Love You


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Awesome Pan Mee

In a not so secluded and yet hard to find location, Kin Kin Restaurant. They’ve got a branch in Cheras and one in the bustle of Kuala Lumpur.

@ the price of RM 4.70 a bowl, you might be expecting something really awesome to blow your stomach off your internals. Well, it actually does. The jello-ish egg, the crispy onions, flaky spicy chili and the smooth tangy noodles.

Need not to say more. Go get some!

Restoran Kin Kin:

Not sure about the address, but its the opposite of Pandan Indah’s Police Station.

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Sad News About Malaysia

Malaysia now a global hub … for wildlife smuggling!

Malaysia is ranked among the top 10 illegal wildlife smuggling hubs in the world, specialising in transporting pangolins, birds and clouded monitor lizards. The wildlife is smuggled out of the country via air through the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Penang International Airport, and via sea through Johor, said South-East Asia regional director of wildlife trade monitoring network Traffic, Azrina Abdullah.

She said Malaysia is a transit and harvest hub for the illegal wildlife trade. “We are among the top 10 smuggling hubs together with Manila (the Philippines), Medan (Indonesia), Singapore and the United States. “Hanoi (Vietnam) is also catching up,” she said after attending a lecture by Bryan Christy, the author of The Lizard King: The True Crimes and Passion of the World’s Greatest Reptile Smugglers at the Academy of Sciences Malaysia on Tuesday. During the talk, Christy touched on a chapter in his book which chronicles the dealings of a Penangite who was regarded as the “top reptile smuggler in the world.” Azrina said smuggled wildlife would end up in cooking pots in China, and pet shops in Europe and the United States. “It is especially easy to smuggle reptiles because they are small and cold-blooded,” she said.

She explained that one could smuggle a snake by “balling it up” and tying it for long flights as it can withstand cold temperatures and survive on minimal food.

“Smugglers are also known to export dangerous wildlife species with valid papers as a front. The illegal wildlife would be placed below the legal wildlife.

“Few Customs officers would make the effort to unload the dangerous species to check what is at the bottom,” she said.

She added that some smugglers even dispensed tips to buyers on how to smuggle their new “pets” home on a long haul flight. Azrina said Malaysia is the preferred hub because of its strategic location and low risk. “We are right in South-East Asia and in the centre of things. The risk is also very low. If you get caught smuggling drugs, you would be hanged. But if you are caught smuggling a tiger, you are fined,” she said.

She said non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are lobbying for stricter laws under the Protection of Wildlife Act 1972 (PWA). “The Act is outdated and there is a need for heavier penalties. We are trying to push for a minimum penalty instead of the original maximum penalty. We are also trying to increase the penalty to include a jail term as well,” she said.

Sources: thestar Malaysia

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Pretty Singapore

So yes, Christmas in Singapore. What’s Singapore like now? I would say that it’s still pretty much clean and tidy, expensive and oh, lovely public transport system. But erm, I find Singapore very humid, small, filled with un-imaginable amount of people and yes, weird people. Why weird? Let’s just say that the people there ain’t all that friendly, wanna know more about that? Call me.

Having just got back from Australia, the dirty and dodgy side of Kuala Lumpur is hitting my nerves, and this made me crave for Singapore a tad bit more. That said, I’ve heard a lot about how awesome it is to celebrate Christmas in Singapore. It’s not too shabby, do watch the previous video that I posted.

My Christmas week was spent this way:

We throtted through the hussel bussel of Orchard Road, sparkled through the magnificient Clark Quay, bask in the romantic Dempsey Hill, rush through the brimmed up Sentosa Island, dazzle in Vivo city, and oh, had some awesome dinner in Jalan Amoy.

And yeah, there are a couple of random stuff here too… Check this out, a nameless restaurant.

And other random stuff,

Roar! This Predator is made out of recycle metal, also known as SCRAP.

Note: A cute little Christmas Tree, but wait a minute

Keep Out kids!

All in all, Singapore is just ok, nothing much to boast about really. Love the place, dislike the people. Shucks!

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