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Reasons for not going to MOS Sunway

1. Long Queue

2. Pissy Club Ushers

3. Mundane Drinks

4. Wankling Bouncers!

Enough said, I’ve never been pissed off by a bouncer in my life! That said, I’ve given up on Malaysian Service Industry.


November 28, 2008 at 5:49 pm 2 comments

B’Day Presents

It’s kinda depressing this year that i didn’t get any birthday presents, not that I am demanding for anything, but sigh. Having said that, I did receive a pack of goodies a couple days later. Mr.Yap caught me in my breakfast hour and gave me my first bday present! But, the gift was from his girlfriend. Mr.Yap, you are so dead! Where is my pressie?

Alia got me these:

They look so pretty! My sisters were so happy!

*Wonder-women is in charge with making wondermilk cupcakes.

November 19, 2008 at 9:42 pm 1 comment

Funky Bananas

I swear, I didnt paint them.

November 17, 2008 at 1:57 am 1 comment

Boys Night Out

Attended a new club opening party with my buddies. A club called Quattro, in Kuala Lumpur. Nothing too fancy to talk about, except for the 4 season thingy in the club!

Spring was pure humid. Autumn was just pure depressing, Summer was ohkay i suppose? And ermm, Winter, thats a bloody rip off! We had to pay to get in! Gah! Who pays to get in a stupid ice box! ( We did eventually)

The last time I was in a Malaysian club was way back in June, and that was not pleasant. So, this time, the 4 boys decided to hit the streets in style.

From Right, Andy, Sean, Ian, Me

Andy looks like Jason Lo’s brother! And oh, Jason Lo gone big and Andy shrunk! (In Size) So yes, back to Quattro. What I enjoyed most that night was the live band, they were stunning, especially after a few beers. And yes, the music policy in Quattro is pretty snazzy.

Thats the Spring Lounge (outdoor-ish)

Can’t really remember what were they called, but yes, they were Awesome!

Now now, lets talk about the ice box. It’s nothing fancy really, just a bunch of turds that never been into an ice box going really yipz! Seriously, go get a free tour in McDonalds, the peeps there will kindly bring you into their fridge, and hey, McD’s fridge is way better than the one in quattro, why? Because, they’ve got sundaes and food in it!

Belvedere. Remember watching American Wedding? Mr. Belvedere? Ring any bell?

Snowing foam. (get a life, go to Canada)

I find this rather disturbing. Michael Jackson Receiving? Receiving what? Kids? Ouch. That said, MJ Rocks! *Casey sings Man in the Mirror*

The Stripe People

Anyways, there ain’t much to write about Quattro, nothing special there really… 😦

November 16, 2008 at 3:42 am 1 comment

Whats AIG




November 12, 2008 at 3:14 pm 2 comments

Ikea in Adelaide

I love Ikea, cheap food, pretty furniture’s and their funky soft toys! The geeest that got me there was their advert for the big breakfast! It’s crazy cheap, and i think they should sent the person who is in charge with pricing into the psychiatric ward!

The Ikea in Adelaide looks awefully like the one in Malaysia (without The curve and Ikano by its sides). I took the J1 bus from Grenfell Street, the same bus that goes to the airport. I do wonder at times about Ikea’s main business, food or furnitures. It seems like they are concentrating more towards the food part here in Adelaide. Anyways, the ditto part of Ikea begun as i walked in.

Look, the same escalator up to the show rooms and the cafeteria!

Same look and positioning to the dining area

Ze toilet!

This is the intersection between the showroom, cafeteria and the stairs down to where we grab our items (store house)

Drinks station

So yeah, looks pretty darn the same eh? Well, i thought this was a coincidental thing, but NO! My Italian friend told me that the Ikea in Italy looks the same too!!! Woot Woot! Ikea is running out of ideas eh? At least for once i thought I was home again! Could have just bump into my car and drive around again, instead, reality hit me hard, the closest thing on wheels was the bus for me!

There, look at the low prices!

Smiley Australian chefs looking at some sweedish touch, whats a sweedish touch? hehehe…Tell me Andy!


The only thing thats missing up there is the chef’s special nasi lemak and rojak bumbuu… hehehe.

I ordered the big breakfast, at AUD$3.50. Can never find a full meal at this price! The big breakfast was ermmm, big? Doesnt taste like Ikea, taste more like sausages and eggs + some bread.

Ikea is fun, it always is! 40% of my room is Ikea, I suppose Ikea feeds are room like our stomachs too!

P.s: The only difference that is big enough for me to notice is: No brown people, it was just a shade of white! No loud screaming aunties feeding their kids too!

November 11, 2008 at 12:56 pm 9 comments

Back Home

It’s been sometime since i updated, my bad. I’ve been busy with life, work to be specific. It’s been good so far being back home, never felt so comfy in a long time. Big bed, odorless room, tasty food and family, cant ask for more eh? Well, my second time flying with Singapore Airlines, and I have to say that this awesome airlines beats friggin Malaysia airline anytime!

Leaving Adelaide is pretty darn sad, saying good byes and leaving my care free life behind seems hard, that said, getting busy with work now is good, at least for me.

I got up at 6.30am, brought my bags down to the bus stop, and then headed for the airport. Limping with 30 odd kg’s, hard stuff! Well, I am happy to say that i survives that ordeal.

Airports = Sad place

The last time I was there, I was saying good bye to Mike (canadian). Really sad saying good bye to a buddy of mine, and now, my turn, saying good bye to more! Bleh, shucks!

Adelaide Airport is the only place in Australia to get proper Free WIFI! Free internet in Australia, thats rare!

Before boarding, I was debating if I should get wasted or not. And oh, there were signs everywhere saying that I should, Eg:

Ze AleHouse!

The Coopers Alehouse in Adelaide airport is an awesome place to chill! Beer kinda taste better there, I reckon its because of the fiery jet fuel after taste. I was observing the glasses with beer in it, everytime a plane lands, it ripples, just like the water in Jurassic Park. So, the modern Dinosaurs, not Barney, PLANES!

Adelaide airport, nothing much special about it, accept that everyone can enter the boarding zone!

Well, I left my apartment early because the night before I had a nightmare, missing my flight! Urghh… Me unlike someone famous, my hobby ain’t missing flights. The bus ride was nasty, there was no space for my bags! Had to hold on to them, and they were sliding everywhere! Gosh, and the diesel fumes were smoking up my nose! The worst part was that I prepared AUD$2.10 for the buss fare, all my other benjamins stayed in the bank. I got up the bus, and the driver said that its AUD2.50 instead! We argued for 30 seconds, as I was sure that the fare was 2.10 instead of 2.50! I took the same bus a day before! I guess Asians are destined to be ripped off!

Boarded that long tube thing I call the Modern Dinosaur.

And oh, the T-rex of all long tubes is the:

There! The Airbus T-Rex!

At Changi T2, Home it is then!

November 9, 2008 at 11:30 pm 4 comments

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