Daily Walk in Adelaide

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There are not many tall buildings in Adelaide, which makes this place a dwarf city… (Don’t take that literally) The Adelaide skyline is not too shabby, it’s actually really pretty! Walking to class is like walking to paradise, its so pretty everywhere! The air is clean, pictures taken here are always beautiful! Never once I’ve seen haze here, i think it’s because Australia is further away from Indonesia! Raar! Hehehehe.

Victoria Square

The tallest building in Adelaide is the Westpac tower, it’s not exactly tall, its shorter than most buildings in KL. I do wonder if there’s a law here stating that the tallest building in Adelaide has to be short!

Thats Westpac Tower, and Fitness first right at the bottom! I loose my fats in fitness first!

Another path that I would take to get to Uni is the torrens trail, lovely river, plenty of bird type animals around and the fact that it’s freaky clean! Btw, pictures of Adelaide in brochures and stuff are mainly taken by the river Torrens, and yes, the real deal looks exactly like the pictures! (Unlike the food pictures)

Thats the Adelaide Convention Center

Some other center

The pretty river with rowers 🙂

The Auzzies are big with sports, and since the Olympic is on, BHP Billiton gladly setup a giant screen by the river. Fun Fact: BHP Billiton supplied the Beijing Olympic medals!


And yeah, i was watching the games till the sun set! Love the lights! 🙂

And there is the State Library, Museum and other stuff right opposite of where i live

See? Adelaide is pretty! I still don’t get why the Malaysian UNISA seniors said that Adelaide sucks and nothing much happens around here! I guess they are hiding in their shells all the time! Bloody Wank*rs!!!

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Gonna be a Busy Day

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