Badawi Unhappy with City Rail Services

August 23, 2008 at 8:26 am Leave a comment

Dude (Badawi), it’s about time that you’ve set foot on where the rakyat stands! It’s sad that we are doing our best to “Tukar Gaya Hidup” when the government ain’t doing shits about the Public transportation. Punch your BN people in the face right now and put some sense in them!

He said the existing services were not systematic, there were not enough coaches and coverage was not comprehensive, leaving many areas not serviced. “I just saw the plight of people using the trains to get to work every morning. They were jostling to get on board every time a train arrived. There appeared to be no system. “I’m not happy with this because the people are not getting satisfaction from riding the trains. This, we must fix,” he said.

It took you 5 years to rectify the issue! Wow! Let’s put Jeremy Clarkson in power instead!

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Kek Sudah Basi Gonna be a Busy Day

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