Casey is Hating Apple…

August 21, 2008 at 1:14 pm Leave a comment

Freaking computers!!! My freaking laptop charger is disintegrating! Pathetic piece of crap!!! Urghh… come on Apple, start building things that would last! 

So, I brought my MacBook charger over to the Apple shop nearby, told them that Apple just issued a troubleshoot resolution, which is to bring the charger to any Apple Retail Stores.

Whether your product is in or out-of-warranty, you can take your adapter (you don’t need to take the computer) to an Apple-Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store for evaluation, and replacement if necessary. You may be eligible for a replacement adapter free of charge provided there are no signs of abuse. Make a reservation at the Genius Bar before visiting your local Apple Retail Store. To make a reservation, go to

The people working on the front desk told me that I will still need to leave my charger with them for approx 10 days. 10 DAYS!!! And they are not saying that the replacement would be affirmed! So, if they decided to go funky on me, they might not replace it at all after the 10 day period. Well, I also asked them to loan me aa spare charger so that I could work on my assignments and stuff… the peeps said nope! Not allowed, but I am allowed to pass them my MacBook for free unlimited charge up, but the problem is that Apple makes sucky portable batteries and my MacBook battery can barely last for 10 mins! And the solution? “We will charge it for you every 10 mins then” (BULLOCKS)!!!

To make things worse, my display adapter is going really really funky! Maybe its time to get a new laptop, but everything in Aus is just simply too expensive! I guess the next big bill would be AUD$600 just to fix the rest of the crap! Bugger!

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