Hanging out with Nicolekiss

August 19, 2008 at 1:56 pm 2 comments

A couple days ago I heard that Nicolekiss was in town (Adelaide), then i decided to pop her an email. Was unsure if she would even reply! Kapish, minuites later, i received an email from her, inviting me for a roadtrip, this time it is way way way up north!

So, meeting Nicolekiss is like seeing Miranda Kerr, its not easy to even dream about seeing Miranda in person, so, that sums up that meeting Nicolekiss is bloody difficult! What more meeting up with her in AUSTRALIA!!!

We met up in Cocolat (my favourite choco cafe), with 2 other readers.

Thats the Legen-(wait for it)-Dary Nicolekiss!

Cool a*s Bryan

And sweet lil Jesse

We decided to go up North (Clare Valley), yet another wine region. Gosh, I’ve been hitting up all the wine regions in Adelaide, not that i am an alcoholic but maybe South Australia is just offering me tonnes of alcohol! Not that i’ve been drinking alot (also)…

The weather was pretty odd, it looked really warm but it was blistering cold! It was freaky windy too!

Nothing much happens in Clare, it’s just another town in SA.

Nicole was in search for her perfect wine, something rather zesty, something rather delightful. Clare offer loads of riesling, they’ve got Riesling trails everywhere! EVERYWHERE! I actually thought there would only be one, but it was everywhere! They are all linked together too, the trail passes through the rolling hills, vineyards and a couple of sheeps. But the weather was too funky, we decided to roam in our car instead.

Bryan decided to ditch us for work, big mistake! He missed out on the rather “high” Nicole! Hah, she was really funky, too bad there was no time for recording, could have black-mailed her.

We were really lucky to actually walk in to the brewery, normally the brewery would be kept a secret, but the peeps at Clare are a bunch of awesome spots! I was crazy excited about entering the brewery, thought that it would be some kind of magic house where they turn grape juice into magical tasting liquid things. But no, it was just a big warm room that smells like nestum…

See? 2 wooden barrels and a couple of aluminium ones. Nothing fancy!

Jesse: urgh… more wine…

The cellar doors in Clare Valley do stand out differently compared to the ones in Barrosa. The brand and packaging are way funkier, they go to the extent where they incorporate hitting people in the head with cricket bat and 3 pigs running around…


That said, the view on the hills are senselessly AMAZING! It’s best visiting vinyards in winter. My conclusion about South Australia is that nothing looks good in summer (other than the sun bathers on Glenelg).

Knowing her through the web (blog), Nicole seems to be the really good girl type, but after a couple of tastings, this was what happened.

She craves for more!

Way way more!!!

Looks may be deceiving yes?


Oh well, people up in Clare Valley converts their house into Cellar Doors, and heck, it looks like one big alcoholic house, i bet Sean would be dying to live in the cellar doors when he gets here!

Dining in the vine yards is a must! Prices might be slightly steeper than expected, but nothing beats an unforgettable experience. The creativity of the cooks, the charisma of the servers and the serene beauty of mother nature that is surrounding you just makes SA a much much better destination! (I am biased) Specially with awesome company.

Bread with red sprinkled plus garlic anchovy dip, and a dash of salad!

But some people could not be bothered about it

She loves her…. Cat

I rather love the Cabernet Sauvignon in this region, they taste really mature, not that the riesling sucked but they could have been better! We stumbled on a really really expensive bottle of fortified white, and there was only a tad bit left for tasting. It was senselessly amazing! I kinda forgot what it was called, but i am getting one of it for Daddy!

See that For Sale sign? The bottle is right in front of that sign…

Oh well, they will only be releasing it on October, gonna get one for my birthday! Whoopie!

Hmmph, the trip up North with the 2 ladies was awesome! Although it ended up with some really sick gay talk, but yeah… I didnt know girls were into gays!

Btw, Mama and Papa said not to make funny face or you would end up like Jesse!

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  • 1. Nicole  |  September 2, 2008 at 10:34 am

    oi oi!! I am no alcoholic!!! *hic*

  • 2. CaseyLiew  |  September 2, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    ahahahha, with the look on your face, its rather hard to believe in your statement!


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