Way Way down South!!!

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I am obsessed with traveling, I love discovering new places. But, (everything in life comes with But’s!!!!) the cons about traveling is the ability of it that lightens my bank account, and that sucks big time!!! I so need a job…

So, a couple of weeks ago, I went up North of SA, just right after that day, I went down South. Going down south is way way different compared to up North. The roads are better, the hills are greener and the sheeps are whiter (Caucasian sheeps down south). Hmmph, so whats down South?

South of SA:

1. Mclaren Vale (Yet another wine region)
2. Surfing
3. Port Elliot
4. Freaking awesome landscapes
5. German Town
6. Cheaper food
7. Really cool people (I do think that this is caused by the colder weather)

This time, there was a switch in our female counterpart… Milla decided to take it easy on that day, she slept instead. And the replacement? Michelle, from Kenya! Btw, Kenya’s national anthem is the Hakuna Matata, I love that song! SWEET!

We had some really good (expensive) German breakfast in Hahndorf, the little german town. Hahndorf is on the Adelaide Hills and its rather near to the city, it took us approx 20mins to get there! Sweet yes? Hahndorf sounds funky, and google tells me that the name derived from Captain Dirk Hahn of the ship named Zebra! How cool is that? His name sounds aggressive! ROAR!

Vienna + Pretzel + Potato Salad

Well, the other interesting thing around the Adelaide hills is the chocolate factory. I was uber excited to visit the factory, i thought they would have Umpa Lumpas dancing around, but NOH!!! It was kinda sad, the chocolate factory was basically a gimmick to attract people over just to purchase their chocs, you wont get to see much “choco making”. Yeap, i was left dissapointed. 😦

I didnt know pigs dig chocos!

This is the closest thing we got in our choco making experience… Lameo

And that is an Australia shaped choco!

I love my camera! 🙂

So, we headed on further down south. The weather was awesome and things just cant get any better! The landscape reminded me of New Zealand, and i heart NZ to the max!!! NZ also reminded me of Lord of The Rings, that made me go gollumish the whole day… I think that was the Yaegar bombs I had the night before!

Endless clear roads, AMAZING!

Which made us do silly stuff…

Eg: This one here…

I swear there were big ass trucks zooming by right after he farted on the road. But yeah, it was lovely! We headed down to middleton, one of the awesome SA surfing spot. Well, there were a couple shark attacks there, that made me re-think about whether if I should be a pro-surfer or not.

The swell was awesome, the surfers were awesome, but the weather sucked big time! It’s so cold, and I was curious to know if the surfers out there froze their balls… I need my balls, I wanna be a daddy one day! Hehehehe.

The sea gulls in SA are pretty weird, they think that they are ducks, that said, they are related to ducks, but these bunch of flying things are obsessed about transforming themselves into duck like creatures.

See??? Ducky gull!

We drove further down south and hit Port Elliot. Theres a really nice whale spotting spot, we stayed there for a couple hours and there were no whales! But there were tonnes of big big rocks! Which were pretty cool.

Shadow people

Real People!!!

Get what i meant by tonnes of rocks?

Luke went too far!

My Poddy!!! It’s better than an iPhone!

I wanted to stay there the whole day, but we needed to head up back north for the sunset. I love sunsets, and we went up to Mt. Lofty for a beautiful Adelaide Sun Set. Yes, it’s Awesome! It would have been better if my parents and sisters were with me… I miss them like crazeh!

It was pretty darn cloudy that evening, we couldnt see much of Mr Sun going home… 😦

And yeah, that pretty much concludes my recent trip…

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