Down South of South Australia

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Yes yes… it’s been sometime since i touched this blog, and i am not proud about it!

Rightie, I did return to home on June, and home was just spectacular!!! Nothing beats home eh? My trip back was to get myself settled in, since i’ve never been away from home for so long before. The love that i find at home was just immense, and this actually made me not want to leave home again, but that aint possible.

I did manage to meet up with a couple of my kawan-kawan, although the rest of them complained about me not hollering at them while i was back. Sorry about that peeps. 🙂

Hmmmph, returning to Australia was half good and half bad. What’s bad? All my lovely exchange friends left… even one of the Canadian in my house, he was suppose to leave a week after my arrival! Me returning to Australia was like coming to Aus for the first time again. The good? Met loads of new friends!!! And we booked a car, plus we took it up north and down SOUTH!!! (How much further south can you go in south Australia????)

1st Day:

One of my Favvy place in SA (South Australia) is the Barossa Valley, the largest and also the closest wine region in SA. And plus, its Winter and the scenery up there is AMAZING! The last time I was there, it was pretty brown and dead, this time it was so Lord of The Rings!!!! (The hobbits part)

See? It’s so pweety yes?

So, the 4 of us, Mike, Luke, Milla and Me fired up the car (electric again). And since i wanted to fill myself up with a lil tad bit of alcohol, driving responsibility went to Mike! Whoopie! Thats like a passport to get drunk!

Thats so asian of Luke

And thats so Ah Lian of me!

A year ago, I was just chugging down wine, and now? I sip them! Bcos after getting to know about them makes it way tastier! But my objective to go wine tasting was not to get drunk or get free alcohol, but to enjoy what SA has got to offer, and whoa, it’s amazing! The people are so friendly, they are living a life of zero worries! And yes, they have cute dog’s too, and the dogs are there to do PR work for the owners!!! AMAZING!

The first Winery we went to was the Chateau Yaldara, I love the entrance.

Wine in Aus is comparatively cheaper than Malaysia (crazy tax). And the Australians export 400 million liters of wine in a year! (According to Wiki) Not that I’ve never seen good Aus wine in Malaysia, but the ones that i’ve been tasting here is just AMAZING!!! It makes the ones we get in Malaysia suck.

The price range for wine(drinkable) here ranges from AUD$10-infinity. But I would rather keep my hands on the ones in between $10-$20… For that range, there are different sizes too! Some sells their selected ones at $20 for the 350ml bottles! Now thats PRICEY! That said, Luke picked up a 2 liter fortified wine for $10!!!

And yes, he got really drunk the next couple days...

We got to see animals too! I shall call them the grumpy kangaroos and the scary emu’s! I bet their uniqueness are caused by the alcohol beverages and spiked food!!! Bunch of crazy drunk animals!!!

The silly DOH face!

And the I wanna eat you up EMU!!!

Going up North is really awesome, but do not drive all the way up to Darwin! For God knows what might happen to you!!! BLEUH!!!! Down South Coming soon!

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