Life in OZ for the first couple weeks

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I had a full day sleep after unpacking and getting my stuff prep-ed in for a proper living. I cocooned myself in the room for a good 20 hours of sleep, but of course i woke up for my meals and had a nice hello time with my new housemates. I woke up at about 2pm the next day, got my new sim, groceries, exploring and signed in for my late orientation. 

I got back in the evening, and oh, my first proper city sun set waited for me.

Sunset’s are just soooo pretty! It made me think about the Sunset Dinner in Redang, and also the perfect beach dinner in Bali. 


A perfect Sunset to start the day!

I am living with 2 Canadians, really awesome Canadians! As said, i slept in the first night till the next evening. And my life in OZ officially started on the 2nd day. I was taken out of the apartment to meet new people. My first stop, UNISA’s UniLife party. Nothing special really, only a bunch of freshies and a really weird band, The Beard, their songs were all about beards, and yes, they look like Santa. Chilled there and made a couple friends. Bought a beer with 1 dollar, cheap ass!!! Who would imagine (in Malaysia) that Uni parties would provide alcohol? 



Well, Adelaide is the city of festivals, and yes, i arrived at the perfect festival season period. We all headed down to the gardens festival, why? Because its pretty, i guess?

Thats Liz, Canadian too!

From left, Wayne (My housemate), Kathleen and Carol

The other housemate was running all over, why? One of our friends got too drunk, and she was pretty much walking like an Unagi, so yeah, he had to bring her back… boring!

So yes, this is the pretty Gardens festival, that ferris wheel there is freaky fast! 

The silent Disco, Imagine dancing with headphones, it looked kinda funky! 

Naturally, I had to experience OZ food, and the first thing that came to my mind was?

Yes, Chips! OZ food man!!! 

I left the gardens thingy early, I was still pretty tired, and emo. So, i went back. While strolling my way back, the Adelaide Festival of Lights was on! Seriously, the lights were awesome! The Adelaide Festival of Lights was like a display of fancy lights on the old buildings on North Terrace (where I live).

Thats the Gallery of Art on the left and University of Adelaide on the right (I think)

The Hulk punya Rumah

The Library, Its really really nice! I love the carpet there, so soft and nice to sit on! I was using the Wifi there the first couple days, it was pretty slow but yeah, I am not complaining about it, i had worse.

This looks like the New Straits Time, very newspaper looking, lets BURN IT DOWN!!!!

Ahhhh yes, so, coming to Adelaide and not going to the beach is like going into McDonalds and placing an order for babi tulang. The beach was awesome! And oh, the main reason for me to go to the beach was the heat wave. The temperature for the first couple weeks was like 40 freaking degrees straight! It was just pure HOT! CRAZY hot! I thought i could escape the heat from Malaysia, but noh! I got myself more heat instead! 

So yeah, I went over to the Glenelg beach with Mike, my other housemate, and a couple other friends. It was pretty snazzy.

The water was crystal clear, unlike Port Dickson’s water… Btw, i walked to the end of the pier and jumped off, AMAZING!

Yes, the beach was amazing! And I miss going to the beach, its just too cold now!!! Its raining non stop now, wind blowing like crazy, and the trams are not working now! And oh, I busted my knee yesterday in the toilet, and it hurts now! And gah, i had to walk to class this morning under the rain with freaky wind blowing. I might catch the cold, AGAIN!!!! BABI TULANG! 

So yes, its gonna be a stay in for today, tomorrow and sunday… nerding nerding nerding!

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