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I was exhausted, couldn’t get proper sleep on the flight, got sandwich badly! (by 2 crying girls, and other people) I have to get an aisle seat next time! I would say that the whole flight sucked! Didn’t have people to talk to, feeling knackered but can’t sleep and can’t drink more water (can’t get to the loo easily).

Anyways, I had a major problem, no one was waiting for me at the airport, and I have yet to get my accommodation settled. I was pretty much stepping into a whole new world with no knowledge on where to go. The only address i had was the Uni’s office address.

I hopped on a taxi, and gave him the address. Gosh, he was stewpeeeeeed! I told him to take me to UNISA’s city east campus, North Terrace, and guess what he said? Sorry sir, i don’t really know where it is. So, i thought that since he was stopping by the road side, the meter will stop running, but no, his meter kept running, it runs according to time and not the distance! And the best part was that, it was rush hour, so everything was freaking doubled! I am like OMFG!!!! He was there fiddling with his silly map, and he’s got a GPS infront of him and yet he refused to use it! And he asked me if I know how to get to North Terrace or not. Gah, let me get this straight. Adelaide city has got four sides, the Western, Southern, Eastern and the Northern side, and that silly wanker has no idea on where North is!!! And the North Terrace is like the most happening are in the entire city! Clearly he was acting dumb, trying to con first timers money! IDIOT!

So, my Taxi fare from the Airport to City East campus was AUD$30, expensive!!! And the airport is not that far! Gawd I am still pretty pissed about that day, if i were to ever find that wanker again, he will never ever be able to wank in his life anymore!

Oh well, I got myself with 2 huge luggage bags into the Uni’s campus, and ermm… it was pretty weird, walking around with huge luggage bags. I was pretty much walking around aimlessly, i had no idea where to go! But somehow, God led me to the student accommodation office, amazing ain’t it?

I went through a couple files to check on the availability and the pricing for accommodations, dam it, i ran out of luck! Since i arrived 1 week later, and i missed orientation and stuff, most of the good places were taken. So, they sent me over to the city to look for their agents, called Student Living. Thank God they allowed me to leave my bags in the office! It was like a total of 50kg’s!

Walked to Student living, and those guys were pretty helpful, but they have only 1 choice left. So argh… I had to go for that one and only. But eh! The Apartment looks freaking awesome! It was like i hit jack pot! The reason for this unit to be empty was that it was too expensive. Yeah, AUD195/week. Pretty steep! But gosh, its really pretty!

I am on the 9th floor

It belongs to UNISA anyways.

Corridor, 3 rooms, 1 bath. The entrance is at the far right, and my room is the furthest away from the bath.

Living area, this is where we get fat! AHahahahha,

I love that red chair thingy, its really comfy!

The kitchen, this is where i experiment all my new silly recipes, and the lab rats? My housemates! And yes, they are still pretty much alive! This kitchen is pretty cool! But the sink is too freaking small, and oh the Fridge, its too small! Imagine 3 guys smashing and tucking all their food in it. But thank God, we are big eaters, it goes empty really quick too.

I actually hoped for a plasma, but that works fine… bleh… But i hate the TV’s position, my room is just right behind of the TV, and my when I am sleeping, my housemate will randomly turn it on and that wakes me up!

This is my desk, yes i know its messy, I’ve just unpacked!

Messy messy messy! I will post a clean room picture next time yea…

Yes, it looks pretty sweet from the inside, but oh, wait till you see whats outside!

This is Adelaide at sunset!!! The view from my balcony is breath taking!!!

And this is Adelaide at its best at night!!!

I love Adelaide!!! 🙂 so don’t say that it sucks!

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