What I Left Behind Before Auzzie Land: Part 2

April 16, 2008 at 7:35 am 3 comments

March 5th, 2008, a bunch of people from the media rampaged into my room to do some filming. And on the same day, I left Malaysia for Australia. Well, the film crew told me that it’s gonna be a Celcom commercial, featuring some of our local stars, they even told me that Hannah Tan will be filming in my room, chun eh? But noh! Some random last min cancelation, instead, they got some young punk, and i have no idea who that is, because i left for the airport. They transformed my room into a crazy friggin fudgin obsessed Manchester United fan’s room. I’ve never seen anyone in this world with this much of fetish for anything at all! Heck, my room was like a Man U church!

Thats them there preparing, normally, my bed top is full of SNOOPIES! But ouh, its now filled with some crazy teens toy cars and Man U posters. I do wonder if this really happens to people in real life!

Red kow kow! And oh, my monitor, keyboard and rodent were used as their prop! At least some part of me will be on TV!

A big ass Stick-Up Ronaldo, hmmph… are they emphasizing that this kid here thats gonna be filmed in my room is gay? Imagine him drooling all over C.ronaldo, bangun Ronaldo, tidur Ronaldo…

Oh well, at least they pay good! But it would have been alot nicer with Hannah Tan! At least i’d get to say that once upon a time, a really hot chick was filming in my room. But oh goodies, my luggage and all my other crap were stored in my mums room, double checking my bags every 5 mins, whoa!

Left the house when the big ass trucks filled with food and cameras arrived, dam, i should have waited a lil longer, at least i would have gotten some free food? But anyways, the journey to KLIA was rather quick, I think it was because of a call from Bernie, she was like, “OMG, CASEY YOU ARE LEAVING!!!!”. We were debating about what friendship really is, because, we won’t be able to see each other much for the next couple years. That girl is funny! And the funniness made the journey to the airport really quick. 

But because its Malaysia, and Traffic Jams + Accidents are a must to happen, this was what greeted me. A crazy Taxi crashed and gone turtle in the middle of the road.

Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of the turtle taxi.

Hehehehe, I love the Air-Ports, always make me feel good, but not this time, because I am the one thats leaving, and with a bunch of Emo-Family members sending me off. Aiks, 

Checking in was pretty fun, daddy made the lady at the counter to sit me in between 2 girls, so that my trip will be more worth it… bleh… well, i board the plane with full of hopes of sitting to 2 really hot girls, but gah, the 2 girls were like crying non stop. The one on my left can’t speak English (shes Japanese), and the one on my left just slept while crying. I am like…. o.O. At least they were nice to give me their Cornetto’s ahahahhaha… So on that flight, i had 3 cornettos!

Track back… We all had dinner in the Food Court, the Roti Canai and Nasi Goreng are to die for! Ish, i am hungry now… 

*Note, Jillie is not there. My 6th auntie picked her up from Uni, but late!!! I nearly thought that i would miss the chance to see her that night. EVIL AUNTIE, not.. .ahahahha. 

The food was good, we were eating like we were all leaving. I was telling myself, should I leave or not, my heart was like cracking, i didn’t wanna leave all that is dear to me behind. I was really scared, yes i brought everything along, but, i was going alone. What made me feel better was my dad telling me, “Son, if you need me at anytime, I will be on the next flight”. That made me feel so much better, but i always knew that my dad was always by my side, no matter what!

It was really hard to hold back my tears, I wanted them to know that I am alright, I wanted them to know that i am strong enough to leave. But deep in me, my heart was flooding with tears. 

Everytime when dad calls me, teardrops will appear on mums eyes. She only started to talk to me last week! And oh, i miss her so darn much! Mum is really my pillar, she thought me how to be a proper man, I would say that shes the man!

Jill did arrive, at the 11th hour. I was so glad to see her there, I know how she felt, cos i felt the same way, look at her… all red in her eyes. 

My girls, I am missing them so much now! 

Yeah, this is live, and part of it hurts, and part of it allows me to grow!

Bye bye Malaysia, I will see you soon!

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What I Left Behind Before Auzzie Land: Part 1 Arrival

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  • 1. Phobelina  |  April 16, 2008 at 9:14 pm

    i don’t blame the guy for being ronaldo obsessed. he is quite the sexy star. :o)

  • 2. CaseyLiew  |  April 16, 2008 at 9:32 pm

    but its dam gay!

  • 3. Jill Liew  |  April 19, 2008 at 12:57 pm

    Awwwww….i teared again! Why u make me so EMO! Hang on there and see you soonnnn! Yeah we go mel together gether (:


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