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Happy Birthday DIDI!!!

Oh gosh i miss you girl! I miss you so much. It’s terrible living without you every single day… Every single time when i go out for a walk, i feel so empty without you by my side. It was you that made me happy everyday! It was you that made me learn about life! It’s hard to have you leave my life.¬†

I’ve missed you every single day of my life, and i sure do want to see you again, and i want you to be by my side again! It’s so lonely without you! ūüė¶

Anyways, its supposed to be a happy post for ya!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIDI, YOU ARE 9!!! Heheheheh… I shall see you in Heaven one day! I hope that you are rocking on with your life. ūüôā

I Love You Girl!


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I was exhausted,¬†couldn’t¬†get proper sleep on the flight, got sandwich badly! (by 2 crying girls, and other people) I have to get an aisle seat next time! I would say that the whole flight sucked! Didn’t have people to talk to, feeling knackered but can’t sleep and can’t drink more water (can’t get to the loo easily).

Anyways, I had a major problem, no one was waiting for me at the airport, and I have yet to get my¬†accommodation¬†settled. I was pretty much stepping into a whole new world with no knowledge on where to go. The only address i had was the Uni’s office address.

I hopped on a taxi, and gave him the address. Gosh, he was stewpeeeeeed! I told him to take me to UNISA’s city east campus, North Terrace, and guess what he said? Sorry sir, i don’t really know where it is. So, i thought that since he was stopping by the road side, the meter will stop running, but no, his meter kept running, it runs according to time and not the distance! And the best part was that, it was rush hour, so everything was freaking doubled! I am like OMFG!!!! He was there fiddling with his silly map, and he’s got a GPS infront of him and yet he refused to use it! And he asked me if I know how to get to North Terrace or not. Gah, let me get this straight. Adelaide city has got four sides, the Western, Southern, Eastern and the Northern side, and that silly wanker has no idea on where North is!!! And the North Terrace is like the most happening are in the entire city! Clearly he was acting dumb, trying to con first timers money! IDIOT!

So, my Taxi fare from the Airport to City East campus was AUD$30, expensive!!! And the airport is not that far! Gawd I am still pretty pissed about that day, if i were to ever find that wanker again, he will never ever be able to wank in his life anymore!

Oh well, I got myself with 2 huge luggage bags into the Uni’s campus, and ermm… it was pretty weird, walking around with huge luggage bags. I was pretty much walking around aimlessly, i had no idea where to go! But somehow, God led me to the student¬†accommodation¬†office, amazing ain’t it?

I went through¬†a couple files to check on the availability and the pricing for accommodations, dam it, i ran out of luck! Since i arrived 1 week later, and i missed¬†orientation¬†and stuff, most of the good places were taken. So, they sent me over to the city to look for their agents, called Student Living. Thank God they allowed me to leave my bags in the office! It was like a total of 50kg’s!

Walked to Student living, and those guys were pretty helpful, but they have only 1 choice left. So argh… I had to go for that one and only. But eh! The Apartment looks freaking awesome! It was like i hit jack pot! The reason for this unit to be empty was that it was too expensive. Yeah, AUD195/week. Pretty steep! But gosh, its really pretty!

I am on the 9th floor

It belongs to UNISA anyways.

Corridor, 3 rooms, 1 bath. The entrance is at the far right, and my room is the furthest away from the bath.

Living area, this is where we get fat! AHahahahha,

I love that red chair thingy, its really comfy!

The kitchen, this is where i experiment all my new silly recipes, and the lab rats? My housemates! And yes, they are still pretty much alive! This kitchen is pretty cool! But the sink is too freaking small, and oh the Fridge, its too small! Imagine 3 guys smashing and tucking all their food in it. But thank God, we are big eaters, it goes empty really quick too.

I actually hoped for a plasma, but that works fine… bleh… But i hate the TV’s position, my room is just right behind of the TV, and my when I am sleeping, my housemate will randomly turn it on and that wakes me up!

This is my desk, yes i know its messy, I’ve just unpacked!

Messy messy messy! I will post a clean room picture next time yea…

Yes, it looks pretty sweet from the inside, but oh, wait till you see whats outside!

This is Adelaide at sunset!!! The view from my balcony is breath taking!!!

And this is Adelaide at its best at night!!!

I love Adelaide!!! ūüôā so don’t say that it sucks!

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What I Left Behind Before Auzzie Land: Part 2

March 5th, 2008, a bunch of people from the media rampaged into my room to do some filming. And on the same day, I left Malaysia for Australia. Well, the film crew told me that it’s gonna be a Celcom commercial, featuring some of our local stars, they even told me that Hannah Tan will be filming in my room, chun eh? But noh! Some random last min cancelation, instead, they got some young punk, and i have no idea who that is, because i left for the airport. They transformed my room into a crazy friggin fudgin¬†obsessed¬†Manchester United fan’s room. I’ve never seen anyone in this world with this much of fetish for anything at all! Heck, my room was like a Man U church!

Thats them there preparing, normally, my bed top is full of SNOOPIES! But ouh, its now filled with some crazy teens toy cars and Man U posters. I do wonder if this really happens to people in real life!

Red kow kow! And oh, my monitor, keyboard and rodent were used as their prop! At least some part of me will be on TV!

A big ass Stick-Up Ronaldo, hmmph… are they¬†emphasizing¬†that this kid here thats gonna be filmed in my room is gay? Imagine him drooling all over C.ronaldo, bangun Ronaldo, tidur Ronaldo…

Oh well, at least they pay good! But it would have been alot nicer with Hannah Tan! At least i’d get to say that once upon a time, a really hot chick was filming in my room. But oh goodies, my luggage and all my other crap were stored in my mums room, double checking my bags every 5 mins, whoa!

Left the house when the big ass trucks filled with food and cameras arrived, dam, i should have waited a lil longer, at least i would have gotten some free food? But anyways, the journey to KLIA was rather quick, I think it was because of a call from Bernie, she was like, “OMG, CASEY YOU ARE LEAVING!!!!”. We were debating about what friendship really is, because, we won’t be able to see each other much for the next couple years. That girl is funny! And the funniness made the journey to the airport really quick.¬†

But because its Malaysia, and Traffic Jams + Accidents are a must to happen, this was what greeted me. A crazy Taxi crashed and gone turtle in the middle of the road.

Sorry, I forgot to take a pic of the turtle taxi.

Hehehehe, I love the Air-Ports, always make me feel good, but not this time, because I am the one thats leaving, and with a bunch of Emo-Family members sending me off. Aiks, 

Checking in was pretty fun, daddy made the lady at the counter to sit me in between 2 girls, so that my trip will be more worth it… bleh… well, i board the plane with full of hopes of sitting to 2 really hot girls, but gah, the 2 girls were like crying non stop. The one on my left can’t speak English (shes Japanese), and the one on my left just slept while crying. I am like…. o.O. At least they were nice to give me their Cornetto’s ahahahhaha… So on that flight, i had 3 cornettos!

Track back… We all had dinner in the Food Court, the Roti Canai and Nasi Goreng are to die for! Ish, i am hungry now…¬†

*Note, Jillie is not there. My 6th auntie picked her up from Uni, but late!!! I nearly thought that i would miss the chance to see her that night. EVIL AUNTIE, not.. .ahahahha. 

The food was good, we were eating like we were all leaving. I was telling myself, should I leave or not, my heart was like cracking, i didn’t wanna leave all that is dear to me behind. I was really scared, yes i brought everything along, but, i was going alone. What made me feel better was my dad telling me, “Son, if you need me at anytime, I will be on the next flight”. That made me feel so much better, but i always knew that my dad was always by my side, no matter what!

It was really hard to hold back my tears, I wanted them to know that I am alright, I wanted them to know that i am strong enough to leave. But deep in me, my heart was flooding with tears. 

Everytime when dad calls me, teardrops will appear on mums eyes. She only started to talk to me last week! And oh, i miss her so darn much! Mum is really my pillar, she thought me how to be a proper man, I would say that shes the man!

Jill did arrive, at the 11th hour. I was so glad to see her there, I know how she felt, cos i felt the same way, look at her… all red in her eyes.¬†

My girls, I am missing them so much now! 

Yeah, this is live, and part of it hurts, and part of it allows me to grow!

Bye bye Malaysia, I will see you soon!

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What I Left Behind Before Auzzie Land: Part 1

February 6th 2008, at approx 5.30pm, I received a call from AusEd saying that my Offer Letter has been sent to my e-mail. I kinda thought that my Auzzie trip (for studies) would have been canceled due to the late arrival of my offer letter. Oh well, February 6th was also the eve of CNY. I was pretty happy, I needed to leave the country, to learn new stuff, to get a new learning environment, to meet new people, and also to get out of my comfort bubble!

But, to leave my family & friends back home, that was the toughest of all. While packing up my bags, I could see tears from my mum’s eyes, it’s hard for her to let me go. And everytime Lianne comes up to me and tell me how many more days i am leaving, i could see that she will miss me, alot. Dad will be the only guy left at home, all the hardy hardy stuff will now be left to him, and Sunday pancake day will be kinda boring without me. Shikes! And for Jill, her full time driver + bodyguard (i think) has just retired from service, so it’s her all alone now. Jo Jo? The tough lil sis i have, I miss her alot, i could still remember the days that i was bullying her (the fun way ok).

My kawan-kawan’s, my dear friends, and those that I’ve recently got close to are my neighbors. I should have sticked to them some time ago! Sean the speed freak (not that I am not), Andy our Captain Slow, Lionel our Ah Beng and more… The Centurions we had, the parties we gone to, dam awesome! My dear ADP friends too, they showed me so much! And i experienced alot from there too, Love, Friendship, Fun, Laughter and of course, there were times that my heart was broken, but it was just part and parcel of life.

I had a surprise party before i left, it was a really cool surprise! My sister and my besties planned it for me. It was a night where the people that are close to my heart celebrated a parting party.

I came out of the lift in an Italian cross Mexicano Restaurant (Kianti’s in Kelana Jaya), just to see my buddies all lined up screaming SURPRISE! And Lionel, the dude standing behind me in the lift was asking, whose birthday is it? I got kinda stoned and didn’t know what to do really, should i go kiss all of them? But that would have been kinda dirty.

There were more people that night, they just came late, why? Because they drove over to KL right after class from JOHOR! And they are my precious Faiz, Wa Wa, and Hazieq, these guys are dam nice la, my neighbors too! I could still remember what Faiz asked me that night, he said “Casey, tell me the truth, do I look fatter now?”, I am like, yes Faiz, you better start going to the gym now! It seems that staying away from house can cause stress that leads to a person gobbling down alot of food which also leads to a standard end to a healthy exercise routine. Hmmph, somehow yes i am feeling the stress, but not the eating alot and not exercising part.

Thats her, my dear dear Jillie! She made all this happened! Dear God, thank you for such a wonderful and beautiful sister u gave me, I am not going to hate her anymore (as if i do) ahahahha. Shes the best, she supports me all the way! Without her, I will also not be able to know her pretty pretty friends, hehehe ūüôā

The Country Heights gang, long live with BEER! Although we prefer Bear beer more! But there is one key person missing there, and thats our white guy, Jeremy! Btw Jeremy, those are real laughters, not fakes! I was really surprised that Rachel turned up, Lionel told me that she was going to some other house party! Which was all a lie! And oh, that night i was asking some of them out for dinner, and they were all saying BUSY! But at least they were busy for my dinner

My 3 other darlings from ADP, they were with me since my 1st semester. I used to hate Julia (Far Left), she was with me in ICPU too, she loves to mess with me in our english class, mess as in talking bad about me in my back! But somehow, we are pretty close now huh? Well, thats what we call by a good friendship. And Mel (second from left), she loves to whack people and pinch people, and the people that I am referring to is ME. I always get bruises after classes, really sakit. And Randy, the only “Guy” in the picture, he is a really good friend, someone that supports you no matter what, he is a guy that faces troubles with his calm attitude, I seriously need to learn more from him. And oh, he did me a great favor to get rid of the rubbish that made my sis cry! Great job!

Andy, our Swedish Spartan (far right), he is like my older brother, always there to listen to my rumblings, guiding me in my gym exercises too. We also share a common interest, writing about cars! We did all the setup’s for, and oh, it was fun! We went up to Genting to cover our very first event (media coverage), the BimmerFest in Malaysia. Though my driving nearly made him die in the car! Lionel (second from right), he is always looking drunk just after a sip of beer, thats him. He is childhood friend, but we kinda lost contact for about 10 years, and oh, i am so glad that we are back together again! He does the most random thing in the most random time! And he makes the best Ah Beng’s accent! The funniest moment with him was when his dad came in to his room while we were having a cup or two, Lionel’s face was as red as Red can be, and his dad was like getting him to stop drinking, and he said he wasn’t drinking, and said that the redness he got is just like his dad, and that pretty much left his dad speechless. Leena, Andy’s girlfriend, shes like our Kakak, and also our party ticket provider. She always gets the best party tickets in town for us, VIP style! And oh, free drinks too, everywhere!

And Edwina, the girl next to me, another awesome neighbor of mine. She made me pin the donkeys ass! And oh, shes funny. And thank God for her, my sister is not all that lonely in Country Heights now. ūüôā

Thats Daryl playing Pin the Donkey, he was so lost that he nearly pinned the tail on a strangers boobs! Well, good for him, And Sean, see him there? The one with the number 45 tagged on him. Daryl told Sean and myself that if we were ever to fail on life, we should get a job as a professional stunt driver! Ahahahahha, I do think thats true, and oh, i would love to be a stunt driver, but i don’t wanna fail in life. Sean has been my buddy for the past couple years, he is really awesome, but sometimes we all can’t take his ego. But without him, life will never be as fun.


People call me up pretty much every hour to set in an appointment with me for dinner, and I’ve been enjoying life the couple weeks before i left, had good dinners all the time, awesome lunch, and awesome company. I went for a lil catch up with Jacq, took her up somewhere high high up in the sky for a nice dinner, I think thats the first time I had dinner with her alone. It was pretty cool, to find out hows her life in TBS, seems like life is treating her not bad.

We had dinner in a place where the view was spectacular. The reason for me to have dinner up there was to see the beautiful Kuala Lumpur Skyline at night whilst enjoying a good company by my side, I’ve always wanted to do this but some “people” always FFK me.

This is Kuala Lumpur at its best, I am missing this alot! Adelaide may be really nice, but their skyline is pretty flat, you guys will be able to see adel’s skyline in my later posts. I so wish that i have a house with this view! I also wish that one day I will have a beach house.

We headed back after dinner, and somebody was waiting for us, my lovely Cashy.

Cashy is Jacq’s dog, he is so cute, everytime i see him, he will remind me of Didi, but Didi is black. I want him! One day, Jacq’s mum was calling Cashy, but she said it like she was calling CASEY! Pretty confusing eh?


Daddy brought me to a few really good restaurants in town, and one of them is Alexis, I had one of the best desserts and on-trays with mum and dad in that restaurant. And so, I went back again, this time with my sis and Kar Wai, Vi-Lyn was supposed to come, but she ended up tangled with some family issues. Alexis is a Bistro/Pub in the Telawi streets of Bangsar, they are famous for their Tiramisu’s and their Long Island Tea (heavy stuff).

The time and money spent there that night was just…. hmmph… well spent? I had a very busy schedule that day, and needed a really good night, and there, with Kar Wai and my sis, it all went well.

Kar Wait, my buddy since my ICPU days, we’ve been doing our best to stop him from his Bak Kut Teh fetish and got him to go FRIM with us to loose some pounds, but oh, he only followed me to FRIM twice! And right after the walk, he will start feasting on the Dim Sums, so no calorie lost i think, but gains instead. Kar Wai is friend that i trust alot, I always feel much better when Jill is out with him, he is a guy where friendship will last forever, and he builds friendship with a strong brick called trust!

As usual.

The next day after Alexis, I went out shopping with Sean, a last drive with him, i was in his car of course. It was not too shabby. We went to Pavillion, our favorite mall, I miss that place alot, it’s so pretty! And they’ve got everything under one roof, and that was the day before i left for Aus, and i ordered an iMac for daddy. Finally daddy has got a computer that he deserves!

And i could still remember buying J.Co and doing some grocery shopping with Kellyn, we would go there and grab some salad and start munching them on the way home. And I bought Tim-Tam’s there too! They sell real Australian Tim-Tam’s in Pavillion!

After Pavillion, I went for dinner with the Liew’s in Puchong, I was knackered already, I had a really long week, going to Singapore and did lost of shopping and did very little of sleep, and coming back to Malaysia with more of that life. That night i was just stone quiet on the dinner table, looking at my family, and just treasuring them in my heart, I am leaving them for quite a while, my mind was just lock on to control my emotions, didn’t wanna show my man tears infront of them all.

My 4th Auntie with Betty’s (My cousin) son. I miss the “Lan Si” moments with her on CNY

My darling Lianne, she kept telling me, “I wont be able to hug and kiss you for the next few months”.

And my Cousin brother Alex, he is my future Lawyer man! He is gonna sue all the stupid buggers in this world! Hehehehe, he is very close to my heart, always there to support me (sounds like a bra commercial eh?). And oh, he is the one that graduated from Tazzie Uni, and I was there! We had a blast then… and we are soon going to have a blast here in Adelaide!!!

I miss all my friends and family alot! And those that are not in the pics, don’t get offended, I miss you peeps too! Alot!

Part 2 up soon…

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