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Szujane’s Bday PARTY

How sweet it is to celebrate a Birthday, oh well, mine is over already and urghh…. i kinda miss it. Oh hmmph, Szujane is 19 now i think, but shes still pretty much a small girl, she’s a bunnyfied girl. I knew her in ICPU, and shes always the innocent one, but not till lately. She’s been going to clubs, used the “F” word and ermm…… abit more than that. And so, her party, i’ve always enjoyed her parties, it’s those really sweet and nice type, and all the ICPU peeps will be there, its like the old days again.  And yes, its the same this time, except that the noisy ones were not there, and the party this time was really really quiet, and oh, her mum played Christmas carols on the hifi, made all of us really really sleepy.

The most amazing thing i found out in this party was the Pizza from dominos, it was so good (Dominos never make good pizzas), and yeah, thats pretty much it…

The bunnyfied girl, and i look really dark beside her.

Jon and Bernie, they will never be together

Jin and his ever so luvley finger

Bernie and me (without Luke, ouch)

Leenie is hungry

3na is back, sweet!

The same cake, the same one as last year. So we started to sing the bday song, and go happy happy, till later we found out that there was no candles on the cake, and Jane panicked (i think).


There she goes, lighting them up

A happy Jane with a full lit cake

And so later, we got her to wish, but her wish was too quick. We got her to act for a bit just to get her awesome pictures on the blogs.

First try, she looks constipated

2nd try, looks more like a bunny now.

Chop chop the cake

3na was awesome, she got all of us those christmas canes thingy (forgot what u call em)

Yeah well, not too shabby i would say, i certainly enjoyed my time there, and i am actually jealous of Jane for having one of the best views in KL,

There! Shes got the whole KLCC to herself! UNFAIR!


December 8, 2007 at 6:06 pm 5 comments

October till December…

This is a one shot update…


Went for a Halloween Party, met a scary fellar,



Made new friends



Mamak with sister,



Sat next to a Spartan



Defeating him in a game



Sang a song



Went for a Vegetarian deepavali dinner



Received an AirMail



With a crab in it



And some colorful words



Partied alot





Enjoyed every moment




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