My new best friend, Its name is Sicko

October 3, 2007 at 4:36 am Leave a comment

Been really screwed up for the past few days again, my best friend, whom is known as Salmonella, but i’ve decided to name it Sicko. Sicko has been in my life a few times this year, i would say 3 times in 2007. Sucks! It gave me sleepless nights, lost of appetite, shi**ing profusely, emptying my stomach (the not so natural way).

The first time when it came, i got sent in the hospital. The second time wasnt that bad because i ditched it out of me before it got comfy in me. But the 3rd was the worst! It happened over the weekend, and all i ate that day was just home food. Gah! Not what i would have expected. I am now on medication, and it makes me go so giddy, giddy while walking, giddy while lying down, basically i go giddy everywhere. And the giddyness causes me to stay awake, its impossible for me to into dream world. On early Monday, i was still lingering around my bed, trying to sleep, which i did succeed momentarily. But, when i woke up, a few hours later, i found my pillows in the toilet, which was really weird! My dad was asking me how on earth did the 2 fluff ended up in the toilet, which he thought i slept in the toilet the whole night.

The evening before all the sufferings started, i was in Le Meridien for a friends wedding. Yes, i love weddings, they are so much fun, but not for me that night. I did some damage in Le Meridien’s toilet, and thats how the friggin nightmare started. I wasted my whole night. And now, I am actually preparing for my tests, and this week is my test week! So, Sicko is annoying and destructive, it causes shites to happen in my life, crack head!

But at least i could still do some pic taking.



The only picture i took on the Wedding Night.

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