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Baby in Hospital, Quizzes, Tests, Assignments, emoz…

Its been a very confusing week, things going in and out my pathetic head, gawd! Quizzes, Tests and Assignments, these 3 are the worst combination for a student to live through.

Business law Test 1 result came back and urgh…… i just did average…. not what i’ve expected! I expected more, and what more, the lecturer never returns out papers! And heck, we never know what did we do right or wrong. Shikes! And urgh… Business law quiz 2 was a few days back and heck, it was hard, its so so so text book! And i hate that! And erm, more and more assignments stacking up on my desk now, this is not time for me to proc around again… shikes big time!

But not all was bad, at least i got a 75% for my stats test 1, which of course, not what i expected. I have a theory for myself now, never expect on what i want to expect, but oh maybe, maybe i should just expect for the worst and the best will always appear.

Rights, the biggest news of all, my Baby is laying in the hospital now, shes getting operations and stuff, shes currently not doing all that well. Havent been with her for abit already, and i am feeling really really sad for that. I went to see her today, and she was just laying there breathless, it was as if she is gonna die any moment… sigh… why did i get so attached anyways???

But there was hope, the doctor told me that she will be discharged this Saturday! Oh Joy! So yeah, i got some of her “cut up” pictures.





There are more pics of the other parts, scattered all over. But err, it hurts me to show them all. Gah, anyways, back to work… chiaoz…

ps: it’s really hard for me to accept the fact that people are leaving… šŸ˜¦ not happy now…


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How to be a famous Blogger

So, you guys wanna be like Kenny Sia? Do this then…


Words of Wisdom from Casey Liew…

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The wannabe night… Daryl’s be-early Birthday Party

For ones, we must have more girls when we go out again guys, it feels really really ghay! But owwhh… it was awesome! (not the ghay part of course) Daryl is a big boy now, he thinks that he is a big boy, and he also feels that he is a big boy (note i am not using the word MAN), but 1 thing for sure, we all still see him as a small boy. A small boy that hates Chinese people when he himself is a Chinese boy, a very very Chinese fellar… So, the “I hate Chinese people” boy said he will be having a nice dinner in Pavillion. Yeah, Pavillion i said, but ermm… which restaurant? He said, The Spices of India, BLUEK! I was like OMG, it’s Pavillion for goodness sake, and why INDIA????? Go get your own tosai or something in the mamaks!!!

Oh well, i didnt matter anyways cos i was sooo freaking late for the party, thanks to the other parties. Vi-Lynn, i am really sorry for not hanging around longer, the ghay people needed me badly!

Yeah well, i thought a camera is really useful for a party, and since I’ve never seen Sean or Daryl (they are brothers) bringing a camera out to any events at all, I decided to bring mine. I left it on the table, and people just started grabbing it to go camwhore around. It was crazy, half of the pictures on the camera were like so random that i didnt know poses like those would exist.


Poses like these…


And this…!!!

The lucky birthday boy was showered with a really awesome gift, a night stay in The Westin! I am jealous now… he get to sleep on a RM15k bed that night… sobs…

After dinner we went up to the hotel to get some stuff settled before grabbing a better dinner, and yeah, we took nearly an hour to settle some small stuff in the hotel. Why? Look for yourselves.












Yes, we needed to get some superman action done. And oh, there was a box of condoms and a bottle of lube, so yeah, Daryl got really kinky and he needed to show us some pose. Gawd….

So right after that, we all needed food, I was practically begging for food! And ermm… we ended up in McD’s, and things didnt get any better there… WATCH THIS!

Crazy eh? I really do think that he got drunk just by eating strawberry sundae… What a kid! While he was doing that, a middle east guy that was seated behind me got really pissed! So we just finnished off what we haven’t finish and got our silly asses out of there.


A bunch of wankers…

Oh hey, we always thought the people that loves to break the law are Malaysians, but NOH! We saw something really facinating and annoying. These 2 couples were just standing in the middle of the road whislt traffic was moving, they couldnt wait for the pedestrian lights to go green.



Drivers looked really pissed, they were all trying to avoid hitting into them!

So, after Mcd’s, we went over Lecka Lecka for some magic! And uh… yeah, magic, we made shmokes! Loads of it!


Some did this


And others did this, SPOT ME!

Hah yeah, it was a pretty awesome night, but err… a few more girls would really have made the night way way better! Gah! SEAN!!!! DO YOUR STUFF YOU GHAY!!!

And oh… Daryl has got a message for you guys


Call me at 012-3117909 to wish me happy birthday on the 22nd! Yeah baby!


I rest my case.

a b c

d e f

g h i

j k

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Funny petrol hike pics

So what happens when petrol goes sky rocket?










Casey needs to chill for a sec…

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What is driving like?

What is driving like, and what is driving fast like? Driving fast is really amazing, it givesĀ  me a surge of adrenalin all over and makes me feel good just for the moment, andĀ  going fast allows me to think about the limits of a human controlling speeds that are above the pace of walking.

But of course, driving fast and driving a fast car is totally different, a fast driver maybe driving a slow car fast or maybe a slow driver that drives a fast car. But what about something in the middle? A fast driver driving a fast car? That sounds like a chaos theory.

Hmmmph, what is the basic requirement for a person to enjoy his ride? Let me list em down:

  1. Full concentration
  2. No fear in speed and corners
  3. No hesitation
  4. Confidence
  5. Experience on the roads
  6. A big wallet or purse(for the ladies)

Going at full speed or high speed is dangerous and is life threatening, but doing it safely is good and its full of fun! But for those that are scared and fear speed, my advice here is to go sit in a fast drivers car and have full confidence with him/her, that would break your phobia in speedy stuff.

For me, i love speed, speed is my darling, every morning when i wake up, and after preparing myself for classes or my appointments, i step into my car, and lets just say, this is what greets me every morning.


It just tells you this, “please dont go slow today, i am made for speed”. And of course, having to own a beauty like this, slowing down is really difficult.


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My new best friend, Its name is Sicko

Been really screwed up for the past few days again, my best friend, whom is known as Salmonella, but i’ve decided to name it Sicko. Sicko has been in my life a few times this year, i would say 3 times in 2007. Sucks! It gave me sleepless nights, lost of appetite, shi**ing profusely, emptying my stomach (the not so natural way).

The first time when it came, i got sent in the hospital. The second time wasnt that bad because i ditched it out of me before it got comfy in me. But the 3rd was the worst! It happened over the weekend, and all i ate that day was just home food. Gah! Not what i would have expected. I am now on medication, and it makes me go so giddy, giddy while walking, giddy while lying down, basically i go giddy everywhere. And the giddyness causes me to stay awake, its impossible for me to into dream world. On early Monday, i was still lingering around my bed, trying to sleep, which i did succeed momentarily. But, when i woke up, a few hours later, i found my pillows in the toilet, which was really weird! My dad was asking me how on earth did the 2 fluff ended up in the toilet, which he thought i slept in the toilet the whole night.

The evening before all the sufferings started, i was in Le Meridien for a friends wedding. Yes, i love weddings, they are so much fun, but not for me that night. I did some damage in Le Meridien’s toilet, and thats how the friggin nightmare started. I wasted my whole night. And now, I am actually preparing for my tests, and this week is my test week! So, Sicko is annoying and destructive, it causes shites to happen in my life, crack head!

But at least i could still do some pic taking.



The only picture i took on the Wedding Night.

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