Why Indian Films never win Oscars!

September 8, 2007 at 8:18 am 1 comment

Got this from Lelong.com’s forum. Really random.

It potraits on why Indian Films never win Oscar awards. Read em after the jump:

Our hero Balakrishna and his brother were captured by the baddies and they tied Balakrishna onto a chair… Those idiots didn’t know that Balakrishna cannot be stopped by a simple chair…

Here is our hero’s brother…The baddies tied him up too and fixed a time-bomb across his stomach… The bomb looks more like a pack of sausage rolls…..

Balakrishna sees some bullet shells lying on the floor… This means that the baddies had a gun… But they decided to use a time-bomb to give the ‘finishing touch’… This is what I call ‘Innovative Thinking’…

The shells triggered Balakrishna’s brain (if any) and suddenly he has an idea… He throws himself onto the floor and starts moving towards the bullet shells…

Now, lets have a look at the time-bomb… The timer (presumably a pager covered in plastic) is ticking… See the weird buttons on the bomb??… The red button is the On-Off button!!… Now, this is the world’s first time-bomb with such a convenient on-off button… This is what i call a ‘User-friendly Time-bomb’… Very easy to handle… Can be used even by infants…

Coming back to our hero, he is struggling to reach the shells… Look at his expression… Seems like he is desperate to use the toilet!!…

Finally, he manages to reach the shells… He picks up a shell with his mouth as if it is Kappalandi… The viewers have no idea what the hell he is up to… Read on…

He concentrates with the shell between his teeth… Look at the sweat on his face… Gives an impression of how hard he is concentrating… With all his strength, he spits the bullet shell towards the bomb…

Loo and behold!!.. The shell flies like a bullet through the air… Credit goes to Balakrishna here… He has the ability to make a shell work like a bullet… He can be a good asset to the Indian army… The shell reaches the time-bomb and hits exactly the green button!!… The time-bomb gets switched off!!… Balakrishna saves himself and his brother!!…

Watch it in slow motion…

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Raoul 2007 Winter/Fall Bleks and Gahs…

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  • 1. Phobelina  |  September 9, 2007 at 2:35 pm

    hahahahaha. that was hilarious. but, bollywood movies wouldn’t be bollywood movies if it didn’t have hints of unrealistic stunts. 🙂

    i like the new look btw. very chic. but yes, the no cbox thing really is a down side. boo to wordpress. and why, oh why, does this thing need my e-mail address. yeesh. hahahaha! 🙂


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