Raoul 2007 Winter/Fall

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Gah, i’ve been so sick the past few days. I had some fever on Monday, then Tuesday. Right after that, Flu and Cough and sore throat all came as a package! Then yesterday, my tongue decided that it wants some ulcer! So now I’ve basically got a really sore neck up! While writing now, I’m coughing like nobody’s business! I don’t freaking wanna see meself spitting blood out of mi mouth! I am still too freaking young for those. Not yet time for blood spitting action.


Rights, to continue on what i left off the last time (some time ago from my old bloggy), I got invited to a really awesome party by Amelia. To the Raoul 2007 Winter/Fall showcase. Dress-code? It says HOT, I have no idea what the heck is HOT! All i know is that Raoul is targeted at men, and there will be lots and lotsa “MEN”(soft soft ones) there. So hot could just mean sexy sexy mama and showing off some chest bulu! But for me, Hot just meant unbuttoning another button on my shirt, thats it! But too bad, i am not sexy and i don’t have any bulu dada!


Of course i said YES! It might just be the party of the year for me! (if my bday party, which is coming soon were to suck) So yea, the whole party was awesome, but one thing really let me down! Which is the typical Malaysian traffic, there was jam all over!!! Imagine, getting from point A to point B which is less than 5KM took us approx 1.5hrs? That means we were doing 3.3km/h, CRAZY! It seriously made me go cuckoo!!!

Well, the event was held in Mandarin Oriental, which ain’t too shabby. Had my car with the valet and had the door people say hi and then walked up some dodgy stairs. And poof, Raoul everywhere! People sipping wine and champagne everywhere, which of course ain’t surprising (a cocktail party). Highlight of the night, i was sooooo hungry and thirsty that i took 2 glasses of white wine, 2 glasses of red wine, 3 glasses of champagne and 2 glasses of cocktails. The end result? Ain’t that good, i heard that i’ve been crapping alot, too much at that moment, but hey, the alcohol effect depleted the moment i had some food. Thank God for that!


People there? Hmmph, as i suppose that this is the first party that i’ve gone to that nearly everyone was a stranger to me, but good thing was that there was a familiar face there! Somebody that i was so eager to meet over the past few years, i was even wondering that if he could still remember my face. He is none other than the baby faced Alan Yuen, a model in the Malaysian Scene, you would recognize him in the Pensonic ads.


There were many rich and famou, pretty and hot people there too, eg: Amber Chia, Camelia, Miss Malaysia’s and more. But i could just take a few random shots of them only, for i was shy to go up to miss Amber and say, “hey Yo, Amber means hot yea? And you are really hot, can i take a picture with you?” I bet she would have gave me a really random stare, or not! Heck she might even give me her number… Shikes, regret here to the max! But at least i have something with Hans Issac.


Darn it, I am short. Gah. Neways, there was an awesome cat walking show after all the glamor. To get photo opp of the models up on stage, i had to squeeze a little up front, and it was a really unpleasant experience for me. Why? Let me get this straight, the people up front there (the guys), ain’t straight. They were rubbing themselves allover me, and it was really really eww! But to get nicer photos (note, not good, but nicer), i had to sacrifice my dignity for em. Thank God there were female models there!

So yeah, feast your eyes with my humble photos. See ya.

Raoul6 Raoul7 Raoul8

Raoul9 Raoul10 Raoul11

Raoul12 Raoul13 Raoul14 Raoul15

Raoul16 Raoul17 Raoul18

Raoul19 Raoul20 Raoul21

Raoul22 Raoul23 Raoul24 Raoul25

Raoul26 Raoul27 Raoul28 Raoul29


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