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This is SPARTA!

Got this from Jon of Pink-Dino



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Anti-Piracy ad

Pretty Random ad.

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Bleks and Gahs…


There are 2 tragedies in life, one is to loose your hearts desire, the other is to gain it.

But tragedies are going to happen, so what am i gonna do, quit? No, i realize now that when my heart breaks, i have to fight like hell and make sure that i am still alive, because that is who i am, who i want to be. The pain? Thats just life, the confusion and fear, that is there to remind me that somewhere or someone out there is better, and that something is worth fighting for. It is every second of my life.

But what if, just what if the pain and confusion is too hard to bear?

But yeah well, there is always something or someone better that is worth fighting for, and that someone will always be there (I hope).

Darn it, the classrooms are so cold, whenever i feel better in the morning, I get worse when i get home. Still coughing, loosing voice again sigh… I so want to get better!

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Why Indian Films never win Oscars!

Got this from’s forum. Really random.

It potraits on why Indian Films never win Oscar awards. Read em after the jump: (more…)

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Raoul 2007 Winter/Fall

Gah, i’ve been so sick the past few days. I had some fever on Monday, then Tuesday. Right after that, Flu and Cough and sore throat all came as a package! Then yesterday, my tongue decided that it wants some ulcer! So now I’ve basically got a really sore neck up! While writing now, I’m coughing like nobody’s business! I don’t freaking wanna see meself spitting blood out of mi mouth! I am still too freaking young for those. Not yet time for blood spitting action.

Raoul1 (more…)

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Start of A New Chapter

New chapter? Yeah, new blog engine yo! And i am luvin it! Its freaking awesome! Seriously, WordPress helps motivate me to go the extra length for blogging. So, what are the difference between blogdrive and this wordpress.

Advantage of WordPress over Blogdrive:

1. Things are way way more organized.

2. Easier for me to insert pictures and to play around with them.

3. YouTube!

4. Looks so sleek!

5. Sounds cool.

6. I’ve been using wordpress on Dconfidential anyways.

7. I love it.

Disadvantage of WordPress over Blogdrive:

1. Thers only one, but a really big factor. I CANT FREAKING PUT A CHATTERBOX!!!!! GAH!!!

But hey, at least there are 7 other reasons for me to go switch, no problemos then! Enjoy my blog. Blek…


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